Carpet Cleaning – What Makes Us the Best?

Our carpet cleaning customers in the Peterborough, Bowmanville, North Kawartha and surrounding areas know that The Stain Expert provides the absolute highest level of care, expertise, and skill. We have achieved our reputation as one of the best by consistently applying our advanced training and education, years of practice, and because we clean your carpets as if they were our own.

Advanced Training and Special Skills

We do not provide one-size-fits-all care. Our technicians have all been trained in multiple methods of carpet cleaning – steam extraction, low moisture, very low moisture, dry cleaning, dry compound/encapsulation. Specialty fibres, like wool, silk, and faux-silk blends, are certainly more challenging for the average carpet cleaner to care for but are absolutely an essential part of The Stain Expert’s education and training.
We focus extra attention on the highest traffic areas and stains when cleaning your carpets, always striving for the best possible visual result, while achieving the deepest clean possible. For us, it’s not enough to remove only the surface dirt. We want to you to know that when we leave, your carpet is as clean and fresh as it can possibly be.

Practice Leads to Perfection

Our years of experience have taught us that it’s not enough to simply apply some pre-spray solution, let it dwell, and start steam cleaning. Rather, we take some time and pre-inspect every carpet cleaning job prior to beginning so that we can understand what might be concerning you – be it pet stains, spills, wear, or odours. We assess the age and overall condition of your carpet, and visually inspect for damage like loose areas, bleach spots, or ripples.
After we’ve completed our inspection, we provide you with a transparent quote for service. No hidden fees. In some cases, we’re even able to provide a ballpark quote over the phone, although these sight-unseen quotes may change once we’re on site to visually inspect the carpets to be cleaned.

We Care

The Stain Expert cares about the cleanliness of your carpet – and the health of your wallet. Because we look at every carpet cleaning through our customer’s eyes, we always take extra care around baseboards, corners, draperies, and furniture skirts. We do the “little extras” without being asked, because that’s what we would hope for from a professional service provider in our own homes.
Did you know that commercial carpet cleaning can be done at a reduced rate with volume and/or frequency, and residential carpet can be done at a reduced rate if serviced within 12 months when there are no pets present in the home? We may not always be the cheapest option, but we will always be the option that gives you the most skilled and inclusive service for your dollar.

Please call The Stain Expert today if we can help you keep your carpets clean!

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