With the COVID-19 crisis we are all trying to be as safe as possible, so we’ve come up with an idea that works for all of
us.  Click below to learn more about our Rug Pick-up and Delivery and In Home Carpet Cleaning. 

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Rug Pickup/Delivery

During this time we are arranging free porch pick up and delivery at no charge to those who are unable to go out. If you absolutely cannot roll up the rugs due to your abilities or the size of the rug, we can come in with a mask and gloves, keeping at a safe social distance. Wow, this seems so strange, but this is reality at the moment.

If you are able to come to our rug plant to deliver and/or pick up your rugs you can pay ahead of time and we can take the rugs out of your vehicle. We are continuing to follow the CDC COVID-19 Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection guidelines.

In Home Carpet Cleaning

For carpet cleaning in your home we are taking steps necessary to make sure everyone is safe. Our technicians
wash their hands before and after every job and they wear gloves at all times. If you want them to wear masks we will
absolutely honour your request. We offer paperless invoicing, payments can be made over the phone using a credit card or through e-transfer.

The health of our clients and staff is important to us. While nothing is certain with Covid-19, we want you to be assured we are doing our part to keep healthy. Clean area rugs, carpets and furnishings can protect your health just as much as cleaning your hard surfaces regularly. With our process, we can bring your rugs back sanitized and disinfected.

Please stay safe. We look forward to working with you in the near future.