Carpet Cleaning

res_picWe offer three methods of professional carpet cleaning. These include truck mounted steam cleaning, low moisture cleaning and very low moisture cleaning. The method used will be based on the customers fibre type.

Our 10 Step System for Carpet Cleaning

  1. Pre inspection with colourfast and fiber stability test
  2. HEPA filter vacuum
  3. Pretreatment of soiled areas
  4. Agitate soiled areas to loosen dirt
  5. High powered steam extraction (depending on cleaning method)
  6. Post inspection and retreatment of any remaining soiled areas
  7. Air mover setup for increased drying times
  8. Application of protector if requested
  9. Post grooming of carpet pile to ensure a fast dry and clean look
  10. Final inspection

Before and After


Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning


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