Pet Odour Removal

We can remove the source of a pet odour (usually urine) rather than merely mask it. Let’s face it, no one wants their home to smell like a “wet dog” or a litter box. The reality is that even the most well trained pets can have accidents such as urine, feces or vomit that may result in unwanted odours. Professional carpet cleaning and furniture cleaning can remove odours associated with pet hair, oily coats and some of the odours associated with excrement. Experience has proven that the #1 pet odour problem is urine. It is important to know that urine odour is not simply removed by just by carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning alone may actually increase the odour for awhile. How can that be?

The odour associated with urine comes from two sources. The first source is from bacteria and the second is from the salts remaining when the urine dries. When deposited, warm urine is acidic and a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that are present within the surrounding area. As bacteria multiply, an unpleasant odour is often created. It is therefore much easier to remove the urine and its associated odours when it is fresh.

It is also important to note that when urine begins to oxidize, it may create a colour change in the carpet fibers affected. This colour change is usually permanent unless the urine is promptly removed.

A small ‘wet vac’ or spot removal machine is great to use for the immediate clean-up of urine for many reasons. They are often able to remove the urine before bacteria grow, odours form and colour change of the carpet fibers occur.
If not cleaned immediately urine will dry and the odour becomes most noticeable during high humidity and/or when carpet is cleaned. The Stain Expert uses a product containing no problematic enzymes, bacteria or desensitizers to eliminate odours. Our odour removal system is a combination of counteraction, bonding and absorption. This technology permanently eliminates odours upon contact resulting in a fresh, odour free environment.

It is important to be aware that perfumed powders applied to carpets and upholstery can actually make the problem worse. The powder tends to seize the odour which is then further dispersed through the perfume. We do not advise the use of such products, please call us for advice.

Furthermore, if you are not sure where Fluffy or Fido may have left their gifts, we have specialized equipment to find these areas so they can be treated appropriately. These mentioned treatments also work effectively against human excrement as well.

Urine damage can be minor or severe. The severity is dependent on many factors.

Factors affecting urine damage include pet diet, the use of medications, size of the pet, type of pet (cat urine is typically more difficult than dog), frequency of the problem, carpet or flooring type (wood or concrete), etc. In some cases we can completely remove odour, however it is important to know that carpeting and/or upholstery may not be the only odour source. For example, tack strips and curtain padding may be saturated and need replacing.

We are happy to evaluate your pet odour problem and explain to you what its removal will entail. The Stain Expert provides a professional, honest service and if we are unable to assist with the problem, we will let you know. Do not feel embarrassed about lingering odours, we have seen it all and we can help!