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Spot Cleaning Doesn’t Get the Job Done

When it comes to the occasional pet stain, simply spot cleaning the affected area yourself is not enough. Over-the-counter spotting agents promise great results, but do not explain well the nature of a pet stain.

The smallest portion of the urine stain is what we see on the surface, but these stains soak through the foundation yarns of your area rug and pool into the backing, where attempts at surface cleaning cannot reach.

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 Lingering Odours

The bacteria left behind after blotting or spot treatment fails to thoroughly dilute and flush out the urine deposit is the primary source of pet urine odours, even after the pet urine seems to have been removed. The addition of moisture, such as the air on a humid day or inexperienced rug cleaning attempts that take too long to dry, encourage any remaining bacteria to grow and these lingering odours become worse even long after the area has been spot cleaned.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Rather than masking the odour with the addition of scent, we focus on removing the source of the odour – the bacteria within. Utilizing a combination of counteraction, bonding and absorption, our Pet Odour Control treatments are able to reach even the most embedded urine deposits and we GUARANTEE it when our protocols are followed.
We are happy to evaluate any pet odour problem and outline what its removal will entail. We pride ourselves on providing honest, professional assistance. If we feel that we will be unable to solve the odour problem, we will let you know.

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My dog peed on my Oriental rug. What should I do?

BLOTDON’T RUB – with a little bit of water. Please do not reach for your over-the-counter sprays! These spot removers are far too harsh to use on the dyes used in area rugs. Stick to blotting with a damp towel that’s been wrung out. Using too much water may bleed the dyes as well. As soon as you’re able, call us to immersion clean your rug so that we can fully remove any odour-causing bacteria – GUARANTEED!

Did You Know?

While our pet odour removal is guaranteed, we are unable to guarantee the yellow stain removal. Yellow pet urine stains are easiest to remove when we are called in right away. Allowing a pet stains to dry completely makes it much harder to remove. In most cases, we hope for the best, but too much depends on how quickly we are called in and what was or wasn’t done prior to our arrival.

Did You Know?

In cases where the pet is repeatedly staining the area rug, structural damage may occur. As the urine deposit dries, it becomes quite alkaline and can cause dry rot. In these situations, we may recommend that you replace the damaged rug.

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